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To empower individuals with technology-driven skills and knowledge that align with the dynamic needs of the job market, and to connect them with employment opportunities in the era of AI.


Revolutionizing the future by harnessing the power of technology and education to offer equitable and cutting-edge economic and professional opportunities for all in the age of AI.

Founder's Note

The world is rapidly changing and the job market is no exception, with the future of work becoming increasingly dependent on digital skills. Unfortunately, young people are struggling to keep up and are three times more likely to be unemployed compared to other age groups, leading to long-lasting impacts on their careers and financial stability.

To address this problem, a cutting-edge workforce extension program has been developed to train and connect young people to digital and tech job opportunities. The program emphasizes the development of innovation, creativity, and soft skills, which are crucial for success in the job market. It delivers the program over the internet, making it accessible and convenient for young people from all backgrounds and locations to participate and gain the skills and experience they need. The program also provides a platform for young people to connect with industry professionals and gain practical experience in their field of interest.
This is a game-changer for youth unemployment and an investment in the future of society. By providing young people with the skills and opportunities they need to succeed, the playing field is being leveled and a better future for all is being built.

Humphrey Muchuma


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